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Car Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the easiest way to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. From oil changes to fuel filter replacements, The Car app will continue to grow and remind you of maintenance that you may not even know about.

The app is easy to use, just enter your mileage every couple weeks and it will prompt you for when services are need to be performed.

Sending Alerts

Have you ever seen a vehicle on the road with a low tire but didn't know the person or how to tell them? That's exactly why I added the ability to send alerts to other users if you see the issue. You will just need to grab their license plate number and state and you can let them know what's wrong!

Don't worry, it's all private. The user who receives the alert won't know who you are, and you won't know who they are. All alerts sent are accepted into the system and will be delivered to the owner if they are part of The Car project. If you send too many alerts in a short amount of time your account may be temporary, or in extreme cases permanently, prohibited from sending alerts. Please don't spam them.

Project Goals

  • Give you the confidence and structure to keep your vehicles maintained
  • Have your vehicle last as long as possible

I always joke with Ashley that when we get a new vehicle, it has to last us at least 10 years. She laughs but I've had my car since 2010, that's 14 years and its still going!

Expand your knowledge with these tutorials (also available in the app)


Battery Check Cover Photo
Battery Check
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
Keeping you battery terminals clean is one of the easiest maintenance item you can perform on your vehicle. Just pop the hood and inspect your battery. If your...
Radiator Fluid Check Cover Photo
Radiator Fluid Check
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
BEFORE YOU CHECK THE RADIATOR FLUID, LET YOUR CAR COMPLETELY COOL. The fluid pressurizes when its hot and can cause steam to explode out of the reservoir if it...
Belts and Hoses Check Cover Photo
Belts and Hoses Check
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
Making sure your belts and hoses are in good condition will help you identify potential problems before they occur. When a belt snaps or a hose give out your...
Top Off Wiper Fluid Cover Photo
Top Off Wiper Fluid
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
Routinely topping off your windshield wiper reservoir is an easy way to make sure you can clean your windshield in a hurry when you're driving. And its really...
Check Oil Level Cover Photo
Check Oil Level
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
Once your vehicle reaches 75,000 miles it is important that you regularly check the oil level in your engine, and thankfully it's easy to do! Just locate your...
Clean Air Filter Cover Photo
Clean Air Filter
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
Keeping the air flowing to your engine is critical to maintaining performance and extending the life of your internals. Lack of air to the engine can cause...
Oil Change Cover Photo
Oil Change
Skill Level: Intermediate
Changing your oil is probably the most common maintenance item that everyone is aware of, and for good reason. The oil in your engine is vital in keeping your...


Headlight Check Cover Photo
Headlight Check
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
This may seem like an easy one, and it is! Just turn on your headlights, make sure your car is turned off and in park, then jump in front of your vehicle and...
Brake Light Check Cover Photo
Brake Light Check
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
This one will require either another person to help (Austin helped me with this one), or a heavy item like a brick that you can place on the brake pedal. With...
License Plate Light Check Cover Photo
License Plate Light Check
Skill Level: Easy / DIY
This is one thing most people don't think to regularly check, but can keep you from getting pulled over at night (or early morning in my case). Turn on your...

Fuel Line

Replace Filter Cover Photo
Replace Filter
Skill Level: Professional
Let's talk about fuel filters for a moment before we get into how to replace them. Fuel filters have evolved over the past few decades and most newer vehicles...

Want to see something added to this list? Send me an email and let me know!