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This service requires a basic level of car knowledge and can be done easily in your garage.
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Checking Your Oil Level

Once your vehicle reaches 75,000 miles it is important that you regularly check the oil level in your engine, and thankfully it's easy to do! Just locate your dipstick, pull it out, wipe it off, place it back in, then pull it out to see your oil level.

The oil should read between the minimum and maximum markers on the dipstick. If its below the minimum its time to add some additional oil. If its between the minimum and maximum then you are all set. If its above the maximum you need to remove some oil, but this shouldn't happen unless it was over-filled when the oil was changed.

Make sure your vehicle has cooled down before you check the oil so you don't burn yourself and so that your oil has had a chance to settle down into the oil pan.

Why do you need to check your oil level?

As your engine ages the rings around the piston degrade allowing oil to leak into the combustion chambers and burns away. Keeping your engine properly lubricated will increase its lifespan and prevent future engine damage.


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