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Skill Level: Easy / DIY 0:05
This service requires a basic level of car knowledge and can be done easily in your garage.
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Checking your Headlights

This may seem like an easy one, and it is! Just turn on your headlights, make sure your car is turned off and in park, then jump in front of your vehicle and check the lights. You will want to check the primary headlights, the driving lights (usually amber and on the side), and if you have them, your fog lights.

If all of your lights are working, and hopefully they are, you're all set. If any of the bulbs are out head to your local auto parts store and grab some new ones to replace them. Sometimes the bulbs can be tricky to replace based on the manufacturer and model of vehicle. If you're having trouble you can get your mechanic to replace them for a nominal charge.

Check the Clarity of your Headlights

Every couple of years you will need to restore the covers of your headlights. Pretty much all cars on the road today have plastic headlights that will degrade over time. Cleaning them is easy and there are kits at your auto parts store that you can pick up and have them restored in less than 30 minutes and for $10-$15.

Before and after restoration on the headlights, what a difference!

Remember that property functioning headlights not only allow you to see when its not bright outside, but it lets other drivers see you too!


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