Weekly Update - Week Ending July 8th, 2022

By Blake Nichols |

We are enjoying our first summer in Colorado and are really getting into the groove now that we have settled in and are (mostly) unpacked. The newness has definitely wore off and it no longer feels like we are just on vacation. The weather is pretty mild compared to what we are used to, but there are a few days when it is quite warm (low 90s). The one thing I didn't expect is the pretty consistent rain that we've been getting. Usually in the afternoon we get an hour or two of clouds and rain then it moves on, which from what I've been told is pretty normal for this time of year.

We were able to get our drivers licenses transferred over pretty easily, just had to sit and answer a few questions and bring a couple documents proving we do live here. I was bummed when they said they were going to confiscate our Texas drivers licenses because I've got a nice little collection of all my old licenses, but thankfully they just punched a hole in them and let us keep them. The collection continues!


Achievements have been rolled out and you can view them on your profile under the new "Achievements" tab. These are Sam and Austins favorite things to work on and can help you explore different parts of the website and apps that you may not have known about. Sam is currently working on the icons for each achievement, so if you see something that's not the default badge, please enjoy!

Tech Updates

This was a very productive week on the technical side. I built out the first version of the Document Formatter, which will be powering the tutorials for The Car project (both web and iOS app) as well as new blog posts going forward. Not much to show off on this, but it will allow me to put together content quickly.

Work has begun on the next project, The Vault. This will be a simple web app that will allow you to store encrypted data. It's still a 6-8 weeks from launch. If you're interested in joining the Beta Team, let me know and you can get early access to the projects.

The Royal Gorge Bridge

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